Business Insurance in Randolph NJ, Parsippany NJ and Rockaway NJ

Business or medical insurance from an accredited NJ agent

Whether you run a business you in Morris Plains, Basking Ridge, Denville, Hanover or Livingston, you need proper cost effective business insurance to protect your interests as well as those of staff members, customers and other role players.

My Protection Insurance offers best value business insurance to the companies and entrepreneurs of NJ. Whether you have a bakery in Morris Plains or Fast food outlet in Hanover, you need to protect your financial and social interests.

Each business is different and as such requires custom commercial insurance tailored to its specific needs and risk profile. However business insurance should also cover general possibilities such as injury to a worker, vehicle accidents, fire damage, storm damage, loss of income, liability claims and other common risks and threats. When you deal with an accredited and independent agent such as My Protection, then you can be confident your will get the right business insurance for your needs.

Your business insurance should include some or all of the following:  A business owner’s policy, commercial property, workers comp, commercial auto, liability, errors and omissions and group benefits.

My Protection can also help you with cost effective medical insurance. We all know how expensive it is to visit a general practitioner never mind a specialist. Pharmaceuticals and drugs are not getting any cheaper either. Then if you should have a bad accident or develop a dread disease, well the costs will be astronomical. However you also should not compromise when it comes to your health. Well if you live in Morris Plains, Basking Ridge, Denville, Hanover or Livingston, you don’t need to.

My Protection can arrange affordable medical insurance that covers you for doctors’ visits, dental care, prescription drugs, intensive care, surgery and more. They will tailor a health care plan for you and your family, whether in the form of indemnity plans or managed health care plans.

Home Insurance and Property insurance in Rockaway NJ and Morristown NJ

Home and property insurance that covers you for replacement costs

Your home represents a large investment, if not the biggest of your life. But that piece of real estate is more than money; it is the roof over your and your family’s heads; it enables your happy and secure lifestyle. It is not something want to leave unprotected and financially exposed. You may not be able to prevent some disaster or loss, but you can at least plan for it and for your fast recovery from such as disaster or catastrophe. Home insurance is a vital part of your insurance and financial profile. It will enable your to repair or replace your home after an event that causes severe damage and destruction. Property insurance will also cover you for smaller mishaps and other events that can cause some damage and result in loss.

If you own real estate in Madison, Morris plains, Morristown, Parsippany, Randolf or Rockaway NJ you can get reliable and best value property insurance from My Protection.

You want to be confident that your home insurance will cover you for likely and some less likely risks. You want cover for fire, water damage, floods, windstorms, hail and other acts of nature. You also want cover for human acts such as theft, vandalism and malicious damage to property. There are other risks as well such as potential liability claims. Unfortunately accidents can and so happen and if someone is injured on your property you could face potentially huge liability claims.

You also want to be sure that you are covered for replacement cost of materials as well as building costs.  Building costs and related material costs don’t get cheaper, that just get more expensive and you want to keep your home insurance current with inflation.  You also want to be sure your valuables are covered and covered for replacement costs.

The best way to make sure you get home insurance that is good and proper is to consult with a local agent that knows and understands the insurance needs in your area.

Auto Insurance in Hanover NJ Denville Nj Basking Ridge NJ

Are you SURE you  have the best auto insurance policy for YOU?

                Do you want to find out the best auto insurance policy for your needs? If your answer to this question is yes, then by reading this article you will find out exactly what these insurance policies have to offer.

As most of the other insurance policies, these policies come with different benefits. The main benefit of owning such an insurance policy is that in case of any unfortunate event that may happen, you will not have to stress about the amount of money you would have to pay in order to get your car repaired.

Another benefit that you can have included in your car insurance package, is that in case of a fatal accident the funeral costs will be entirely supported by your insurance company. As a consequence of this benefit, in hard times like these, your relatives will no longer have to worry about money.

Furthermore, there are companies, even in areas like Ridge, Denville, Hanover, and Livingston NJ, which offer you the possibility to have a temporary replacement car for the period of time when your car is being fixed. This optional benefit of auto insurance may come in hand for those of you who use their car on an everyday basis.

Least but not last, if you still do not know what kind of insurance policy to choose, and if you have the possibility of spending some extra money, you can contact an insurance advisor. He will help you get the best insurance relative to your needs and he will also make sure that you got the best deal out of your money.

It all sums up to how much money you are able to pay for your car insurance policy, and also on what you need it to cover, because there are agencies out there that offer you all sorts of packages, in order to fulfill all your needs.

Building Insurance for Basking Ridge NJ and Denville NJ

The importance of building insurance

                People mainly choose to ensure their properties because it gives them a sense of security in case of any unfortunate event. It is a sort of guarantee that they will not lose everything they own. Building insurance is among the most important types of insurance; that’s because of the increasing criminality rate, all the climate changes, and so on.

Building insurance mainly refers to providing protection against most risks such as flood, fire, theft, and even earthquakes. Like all the other types of insurance policies, these also come in different packages, each of them having different benefits, and also different prices.

These insurance policies are so important that they have become mandatory in many countries from Europe, Asia, and also in the USA. Some of the benefits that they offer include:

  • Temporary shelter in case of losing your home.
  • Food, water, clothes, and any other items that you might need.
  • Assessment of any items that have been destroyed
  • Replacement or restoration of lost items

Building insurance also gives you the opportunity of insuring any storage facility that you own, along with its contents. This may be very useful for young entrepreneurs and young companies who do not have the possibility of purchasing other items or materials in case the ones they have already purchased get damaged.

If you are looking to sign such an insurance policy and you are not sure which one of the insurance packages on offer you should choose, you should contact an insurance advisor. He can help you decide which one best fits your need, and will also find the best deal in relation to the money you have to pay.

You should also keep in mind that nowadays insurance companies are almost everywhere and can also be found in areas such as Madison, Morris plains, Morristown, Parsippany, Randolf, and Rockaway NJ.

Health and Life Insurance in Morristown, Rockaway, and Randolf NJ

Health and life insurance are two key components of your personal insurance profile

Health and life insurance are two key pillars of a proper personal insurance plan. Rising health costs means most people can ill afford not to have health insurance.  This is especially true for people who below 65, and self-employed people. Even workers who have the benefit of a company medical aid may still require additional medical insurance. Health insurance is a complicated field with many different types of health cover and insurance.

If you reside in Madison, Morris plains, Morristown, Parsippany, Randolf or Rockaway NJ you can get professional health insurance advice from My Protection Insurance. They will also be able to tailor a medical insurance plan that covers for doctors’ consultations, prescription drugs, dental care, eye care, hospitalization, operations, critical care and more.


The key to sound health insurance is to find the right balance between your health needs and your budget. Medical insurance is not a one fits all scenario and it is important to get health insurance tailored to your needs and your circumstances. Whether you need a personal health insurance plan, a family plan or a group health plan, speak to the people who know and understand health insurance.


Life insurance is another important part of your personal insurance profile. It is the most logical and cost-effective way to plan for the future well-being of your loved ones should something happen to you. Your insurance agent will advise you regarding the pros and cons of term life and whole life insurance plans.  The main goal will be to provide for your family in the event of your death or disability. Life insurance is an inexpensive way of achieving this goal and securing the financial future of your family and loved ones. The last thing you would want is for them to suffer financially in a difficult and emotional time.

Madison and Morristown NJ Auto Insurance and Car Insurance

Auto and car insurance that protects your interests in the face of adversity

Driving and owning a vehicle carries inherent risks that range from normal financial to personal and bodily injury. All motor car owners in the state of New Jersey are legally required to carry some basic auto insurance. These are


  • Liability Insurance
  • Personal Injury protection
  • Uninsured motorist coverage


It does not matter whether your drive in Morris Plains, Basking Ridge, Denville, Hanover or Livingston NJ you still need the minimum car insurance specified by law.


Liability insurance will pay for damages you cause to a third party, excluding medical expenses.

Personal injury protection will cover you and other specified people for medical expenses as a result of a car accident. This car insurance applies whether you are at fault ot not and is also regfererred to a no-fault insurance. Uninsured motorist coverage will cover you in the event of a collision or accident with and uninsured driver.


So as you can see there is an awful lot that is not covered.  What about damage to your own vehicle as a result of n accident, storm or other mishap?  What about auto theft?   What about medical expenses incurred by a 3rd party as a result of an accident that was caused by you?


When it comes to car and auto insurance you should get professional advice from an independent agent in your area. You need an insurance agent that understands the requirements in your state or county and who can also source car insurance from a number of top carriers.  This way you get auto insurance tailored to your needs and circumstances. You also get car insurance that does not cost you more than is necessary. You also get car insurance that is reliable and won’t let you down when the wheels come off.


For reliable auto insurance in Morris Plains, Basking Ridge, Denville, Hanover and Livingston NJ you can consult with My Protection Insurance and get the peace of mind you need.

Health Insurance in Basking Ridge NJ, Livingston NJ, and Morristown NJ

 Why should I have health insurance?

 This is a question many of us ask ourselves nowadays no matter where we are living (in Morris Plains, Basking Ridge, Denville, Hanover, or Livingston NJ).

The answer is very simple: because if anything happens is the best way to protect yourself from unexpected costs occurred after an accident or by any other means.

Advantages of health insurance:

  1. 1.      Less healthcare payments

To begin with, the most important advantage of having health insurance is that it will drastically reduce the amount of money you would normally pay for health care. For instance, even if you have to do lab tests, or if you need to undergo treatment in a hospital, the costs of these services will be supported entirely by your health insurance company.

  1. 2.      Pre and post-natal care

Furthermore, if you are expecting a baby and you have health insurance, you will benefit from care before and after your baby is born. As we all know the costs of ultrasounds and prenatal and postnatal treatments can be very costly, so having such an insurance policy will save you lots of money and also make sure that your newborn will get the best treatment.

  1. 3.      Tailored to your needs

Even though having such an insurance policy seems to be a piece of cake, you should be very careful in choosing what type of insurance best fits your needs. You can choose from a variety of health insurance policies such as Health Maintenance Organizations, Point of Service, and Preferred Provider Organizations, designed to serve different needs for different people.

To sum up, having health insurance may be one of the most important things but you should be careful which type of insurance will do the job for you. Also you should take into consideration that choosing such a thing is not an easy task and some of us should ask for professional help before signing such an insurance.

Home Insurance in Denville NJ, Livingston NJ, Morristown NJ

Benefits of home insurance

We live in an era when lots of changes are happening, from climate to political and even to technology. This means for many of us that we start to feel less and less secure and worry about our future even if we are living in potentially secure areas such as Madison, Morris plains, Morristown, Parsippany, Randolph, or Rockaway NJ. One way to reduce the stress caused by these factors is home insurance, because as we all know having such an insurance policy gives us a feeling of relief and secureness.

One of the main benefits of having a home insurance policy is that in case of something bad happening, such as a natural calamity or a fire caused by some faulty wiring, you will not have to worry about losing one of the things that you worked for your entire life, your home.

Nowadays as more and more insurance companies start to appear, we can no longer say that we cannot afford to get our house insured. This happens as a result of rivalry between firms and brings with it both advantages and disadvantages. A great advantage would be that in exchange for your money you get a lot more benefits than you used. These benefits also vary from the protection for the physical structure of you home to personal possessions and personal liability.

On the other hand, a great disadvantage would be that if you signed your home insurance policy with a company that just appeared on the market, you can find it hard to benefit from it. This is due to more and more companies going bankrupt.

As a conclusion, we can say that having our home insured is maybe one of the most important things in today`s society, but before signing such an insurance policy you should keep in mind that choosing one is not as simple as it may look.


Health and Medical Insurance Denville, Hanover, Livingston, Madison

Health and medical insurance tailored to your needs

Medical costs continue to rise and the only way most people can afford treatment is through health insurance. Medicare only applies if you are 65 or older or have some disability that might qualify your for Federal Health Insurance. And there are also many things that Medicare does not cover or only partially covers. The rest of us have to rely on medical insurance.

My Protection Insurance agency can help you with the health insurance for you and your family. They serve the communities of Madison, Morris Plains, Morristown, Parsippany, Randolf and Rockaway NJ. They will advise you about the best medical insurance plans for your needs and whether or not you might qualify for certain state sponsored health programs.


Most people will want health insurance to take care of their normal medical costs, including doctor’s consultations, dental visits, vision care, hospitalization as well as medicines and prescription drugs. The state of New Jersey has a public funded health care program and qualified residents of any age may be eligible for low cost health insurance.


Your agent can advise you regarding the pros and cons of various health insurance plans be they State sponsored, Federal Health plans or private medical insurance. The best medical insurance is one that matches your needs and also covers you for the unexpected.


When you have the right health insurance you don’t have to worry about medical bills that you cannot afford. You wont need to let your health suffer because you cannot afford the medical and health care you need and deserve.


There are so many health insurance plans that it is confusing for average people to know which medical insurance plans are best for them. When you consult a professional insurance agency you will get the right advice and the right health insurance for your needs and your budget.

Auto Insurance and Car Insurance for Madison and Morristown NJ

Auto and car insurance to match your needs and your finances

Whether you drive a Ford in Morris Plains or a Chrysler in Livingston NJ, you need some level auto insurance. There is a minimum level of car insurance that is compulsory in terms of state law.  It does not matter whether you reside in Basking Ridge, Denville or Hanover, auto insurance is mandatory in the state of New Jersey.

It is a big risk to drive without adequate car insurance. It is not only a risk in terms of financial loss, but also in terms of legal penalties and prosecution. If you are caught driving without the minimum insurance required by State Law, you could face heavy fines, your car can be confiscated and there is also the risk of jail time.

My Protection Insurance provides reliable auto and car insurance solutions to the people of New Jersey.  This way you will not only be legal, but you will have adequate car insurance to cover your financial losses in the event of a collision, injury, theft or a 3rd party claim.  They will tailor insurance to match your needs and your pocket.

Maybe you are a young driver who cannot afford a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy. They could structure a basic car insurance policy that will suit your budget and will ensure you are legal. This way you won’t lose your shirt if you are sued by another person for injury, pain, medical expenses, loss of income and many other possible consequences of a car accident.

Most people need more comprehensive car and auto insurance that covers them for  bodily injury, liability claims, property damage, collision damage, uninsured driver risk, auto theft and storm damage.

When you want auto insurance that covers you for your risk profile and does not cost more than it should, you should consult with an agent that knows and understands the car and auto insurance requirements in your State and your home town.